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The RSPCA's aims:

To help those members of our local community who cannot afford private veterinary treatment for their poorly pets.
To help those people who require advice regarding animal care.
To help animals which are brought to us in order to be re-homed as their current owners are unable to keep them for whatever reason.
And of course to care for those animals who have been injured or who are being badly treated.

Our RSPCA branch covers the large, highly populated areas of Slough, Uxbridge, Windsor and Kingston. Our Hillingdon Clinic provides help for this whole area. Please click here to see a list of towns covered by this branch.

The nearby Charity Shop helps provide a steady income for our Help. Its the perfect place to find a bargain and help local animals in need.  In these difficult times, consider looking in the charity shop first before heading to the high street!!  You'll find a bargain!


Find out about our Fundraising Fundraising is one of the most important aspects related to the Clinic. The current "economic climate" is bringing more animals in need of our care with the same or less resources to work with. Without regular income the Clinic will close. Many people do not realise that each RSPCA Branch is an autonomous charity receiving no financial aid from Head Office or Local Government, anything you can do to help us is always appreciated.

Big News! You can now donate directly to your LOCAL RSPCA branch all on-line!. Get an Animal Adoption form

Animals Looking for a Caring Home

Our re-homing centre handles unwanted animals, providing proper care until a new loving family can be found. If you are serious and want to give some love to an animal that perhaps hasn't yet had its fair share of love then click here to Adopt an Animal.


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Once you have a new animal it very important to be able to care for it properly. Our
animal advice pages provide links to or sources of useful information on how to care for your friend from snakes to spiders to cats and dogs to gerbils.

View the success stories pages


We like to spread some of the joy we get as volunteers! The Success Stories pages show pictures and stories of some of the re-homed animals we've found loving new owners for over the years.

Cruelty to Animals is simply not necessary. If you know this is happening Click here right away!

The contact us page provides you with all the possible means of getting in touch with us. Often we are busy, or moving around so it can be difficult. But patience IS a virtue and the persistent ones amongst you will get through!

If you love animals and want to get involved or simply find out more then look at our membership page for more information. There are lots of different types of membership all depending on how much time & effort you can afford to put in.

Help us to help the animals

Donations. We hate having to keep asking for them, but money makes the world go round and it also allows us to keep helping needy animals. Many people do not know each branch of the RSPCA is an independent charity in its own right. We receive no headquarters or government funding and every penny donated to us is spent locally within the area to help animals in need. So please go ahead, make our day!

To find out how we got to where we are today, read about the History of the Branch.


General enquiries:  01895 231 435        Vet Consultations:  01895 270 926       Re-Homing:  01895 833 417

Emergency Out of Hours:  0300 1234 999

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